Why Choose Micro-Abrasive Blasting for Aerospace Surface Finishing?

In the aerospace industry, precision is key. Working with small, intricate parts requires an exceptionally high level of accuracy and control. Micro-abrasive blasting makes surface finishing a breeze for aerospace components, saving you time and delivering proven results again and again.


Exacting control for exceptional results

Using a micro-abrasive blasting unit like those pioneered by Airbrasive gives you the ability to uniformly remove microns of surface material from your components. When your parts must meet the strict standards of the industry, this technique delivers the exacting results you need.

Changing the type of abrasive powder used, the blaster configuration, nozzle distance, blast duration, and other variables allows you to precisely control the amount of surface material being removed in each sweep. And by automating your process, you can ensure that this remains consistent across every component, saving time and labor costs along the way.


Low-tolerance parts? No problem 

The micro-abrasive blasting process is kind to even the most delicate of materials. This is thanks to the incredibly fine abrasive powders used in the process, as well as the tiny nozzles.

Airbrasive is the only manufacturer to screen its powders twice, ensuring uniformity in particle size. This prevents them from interlocking at the microscopic level, which can clog the unit and impact your blasting results. Our intensive powder screening process also ensures that your blasting unit will last longer, providing the same great results for years to come.

For applications which are very low in tolerance, you need a high level of control over particle velocity. Our blasting units allow you to precisely alter the air pressure to suit your needs, and our nozzle tips are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes for the utmost user control.

Micro-abrasive blasting is suitable for a wide variety and part materials and compositions used in aerospace engineering. This includes aluminum, invar, inconel, stainless steel, rubber, and titanium. Different powders are better suited to different applications, and the experts at Airbrasive are happy to assist you if you’re not certain which abrasive material is right for your blasting needs.


Aerospace engineering and blasting technology: perfect partners

Micro-abrasive blasting technology is an ideal solution for the manufacturing and maintenance of aerospace components. This safe, reliable, and incredibly precise technique makes it easy to remove material and finish surfaces, even on low-tolerance parts.

Ensure your aerospace parts meet industry standards and perform at their best. Tell Airbrasive your challenge, and we’ll find the right solution for you.