Explore the Versatility of Soda Blasting

Professionals and hobbyists alike use abrasive blasting for a wide variety of jobs, from surface preparation to cleaning, cutting and polishing. As any technician will tell you, the right abrasive powder can make all the difference. The special properties of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) make the versatility of soda blasting compelling. Consider the following properties.

  • Safe to use on delicate surfaces – Because the soda crystals shatter on contact, soda blasting can lift paint or rust without damaging the surface underneath.
  • Inhibits rust – The alkaline properties in soda mean that it keeps rust from developing as long as soda remnants remain on the surface of ferrous metal.
  • Water soluble – Cleanup is a breeze, thanks to the fact that soda dissolves in water.
  • Non-toxic – Sodium bicarbonate is biodegradable and occurs naturally in the human body. Consequently, you can use it on food-grade items. Additionally, it will not irritate the skin or eyes, and it releases no hazardous emissions.
  • Deodorant – Remember that box of baking soda that Grandma kept in the back of the fridge to absorb odor? Soda also removes odor from the blasting area, making it particularly useful for cleaning after damage due to fire or mold.
  • Nonflammable – Because soda blasting produces no sparks, it makes a great choice for blasting in potentially explosive locations, such as oil refineries.

These unique properties make soda blasting useful for a broad range of applications, including the automotive industry, wood furniture restoration and even dentistry.

Auto Restoration

Soda blasting delivers powerful cleaning properties, while remaining gentle enough to use on glass, rubber and chrome. That vintage car you brought home probably came complete with layer upon layer of paint, filler, and rust. Hand sanding will take countless hours, and chemicals pose a health hazard. But soda blasting gives you a speedy, safe alternative.

Unlike glass beads that can warp or pit the metal, soda leaves the surface unharmed. Since the blasting process uses air instead of water, it will not cause flash rust. And as an added bonus, the soda provides temporary rust protection. Under the hood, soda blasting allows you to quickly remove contaminants from delicate engine parts without damaging surrounding wires.

Versatility of Soda Blasting


Like delicate engine components, antique wood furniture requires a gentle, yet effective blasting medium. Unlike heat or chemical strippers, soda blasting preserves the delicate moisture balance of the wood.

Similarly, many homeowners have found that soda blasting offers an ideal method for maintaining log homes. The soda effectively removes mill glaze, oil and any previous paint or coatings. At the same time, it cleans easily, without harming the environment.


In a vastly different environment from the garage, micro-abrasive blasting forms a critical component of minimally invasive dentistry. Using compressed air combined with abrasive powder, dentists can quickly remove decay from the tooth, leaving healthy enamel intact.

Blasting can also be used for smoothing out chips and cracks in teeth and preparing the surface before applying sealants. For dental applications like these, soda presents a natural choice. Not only is it safe to ingest, but the soda helps restore the PH balance in the mouth.

The Versatility of Soda Blasting Solutions

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