The Drawbacks and Dangers of DIY Blast Cabinets

If you’re considering trying micro-abrasive blasting at home for the first time, whether it’s for an automotive task, artistic project, or another need altogether, you may have encountered the term “blast cabinet” during your research. Since abrasive blasting can be a messy business, these work chambers are designed to contain the dust and debris, making cleanup a breeze—and keeping you safe.

With so many tutorials online, it can be tempting to skip the expense of a professionally-made blast cabinet and opt for the DIY approach instead. But while this may cut costs in the short-term, DIY blast cabinets can affect the quality of your work, the difficulty of the process, and ultimately your safety.

Here are some things to consider before using a homemade blast cabinet.

DIY blast cabinets can make your work environment unsafe

Professionally-made work chambers are airtight. As for DIY options? Not so much. This can cause the abrasive media you’re using and the dust and debris generated by the blasting process to seep out between the seams of your cabinet, meaning you’ll have more mess to clean up after you’re finished using your unit.

Worse, breathing in this dust can be extremely bad for your health, especially if it occurs over a prolonged period, or if you’re working in a poorly ventilated space without the right respiratory protection. At the end of the day, it’s not worth the risk to your own health or the health of those around you.

DIY blast cabinets can make your projects less efficient

If you’re only planning to use your abrasive blasting unit once, buying a professional blasting cabinet might seem like an unnecessary expense. But chances are, you’re going to be using your blasting unit a lot more than once—and a DIY cabinet will quickly become more of a nuisance than it’s worth.

A lengthier cleanup time is one thing. But you’ll also likely find yourself forced to empty the dust collector repeatedly while you’re working, forcing you to stop what you’re doing just as you’re getting into the flow. This makes your projects less efficient, and causes unnecessary headaches along the way.

DIY blast cabinets can make your work less precise

If you care about the quality of your work or are using your blasting unit for a delicate project, a DIY blast cabinet is just not the way to go.

DIY blast cabinets are prone to filling with abrasive media while you’re working, making it hard to see what you’re doing. The end result? Less precision, lower quality work, and plenty of frustration.

Don’t be fooled into thinking a DIY blast cabinet is the best way to go. A professionally manufactured, specially designed work chamber from Airbrasive is an investment that will pay off in the long run. With internal illumination for greater visibility, helpful safety features, and more, they provide the convenience and support you need to make the most of your blasting equipment and enjoy exceptional results.

Give your hand-held micro-abrasive blasting projects the professional treatment they deserve. Contact Airbrasive today to learn more about our work chambers.