The Benefits of Automating Your Industrial Abrasive Blasting Needs

Cleaning. Abrading. Finishing. Micro Abrasive Jet Machining has a plethora of uses in industrial work environments, solving countless application needs—and providing the precise, effective results you desire.

But some tasks are too great—or too small—for human hands. While hand-held tools are often ideal for certain industries and at-home creative work, many industrial applications require exacting precision and control that just isn’t possible with a human operator. High volume applications can also drive up the cost of labor, requiring you to hire more skilled workers to produce the work you need.

That’s where automation can help. Airbrasive’s team of expert engineers has extensive experience in developing fully automated blasting systems for a wide range of challenging applications. We specialize in simple, cost-effective solutions, often using cutting-edge technologies like robotics and programmable logic controllers to solve your application needs.

Here are just a few of the benefits of automating your industrial abrasive blasting systems.


Reduce labor costs and speed up production

Skilled labor isn’t cheap—and for medium- to high-volume production, the costs of hiring enough skilled workers can be crippling. When you’re dealing with higher production volumes, automating your abrasive systems is a cost-effective solution that will pay off for years to come.

There are other benefits of reducing your labor requirements through automation. For one thing, many industrial tasks require seemingly endless repetitive motions, which can be tiring, boring, and even painful for employees to perform over long periods of time. It’s possible for their attention to slip, leading to poor results and delays in production.

Unlike human hands, a fully-automated system won’t become tired or lose focus—producing the same great results, time after time. This can ultimately speed up your production timelines and increase your profit margins—keeping your customers and your bottom line happy.

Automated abrasive systems are also ideal in hazardous work environments, reducing the risk that an employee will be hurt. The noise and dust produced by abrasive blasting can be harmful when the right protective equipment isn’t worn, so it’s often prudent to reduce the number of employees working closely with these tools over long periods of time.


Ensure extreme precision and excellent results

When dealing with materials or parts with exacting tolerances, the smallest slip can cause big problems. Automated blasting systems can provide extremely precise solutions for applications large and small.

The engineers at Airbrasive can create an automated system that supplies the exacting pressure, rotation, and media flow requirements you need. Tell us your challenge, and we’ll provide the solution that’s right for you.

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