Top Reasons To Buy An Airbrasive® Micro-Blast Machine

Our Machines “Last Forever”
Built strong to work long hours, day after day. 25 years after purchase, many Airbrasive® Microblaster machines are putting in full days, working as well as the moment they were first turned on.

24 Hour Delivery
We understand urgency when you say “I need it now!”. We promise to ship your product within 24 hours from the time your order is placed.

The Best Applications Help
We have specially trained engineers available at all times to help with your application. Our years of experience cover everything from basic etching and cleaning to the development of robotic systems for cutting silicon wafers.

Precision Control
Super accurate regulation of powder flow rate and air stream velocity give you precise control of the Micro-Blast process.

Technical Leaders
Airbrasive® (formerly S.S. White) invented the Micro-Blast process and currently holds 27 patents for its design and manufacture. If you have an impossible requirement, we want to hear from you. We know we’re the best and we would like to prove it to you.

No-Clog Abrasive Powders
All Airbrasive® powders are screened twice to guarantee that particle sizes are uniform. Variation in powder sizes cause interlocking of the particles at the microscopic level resulting in clogging of the unit. Airbrasive® is the only manufacturer to screen the powders twice.

Automated Systems
We can automate your application to eliminate expensive labor costs. Our R&D engineers are highly experienced in all types of automation requirements.