Operating Principle

Micro Abrasive Blasting Micro Abrasive Blasting

The basic operating principle of the Airbrasive®, micro abrasive blasting, machines are quite simple: a gas-propelled stream of finely-graded abrasive particles, closely controlled by a vibrator, is driven against the work piece. Material is removed from the work by the impinging particles, virtually without shock because of the low inertia of, say 27-micron particles. For the same reason, very little heat is generated, and this is instantly dissipated in the cooling stream of the gas propellant. The gas propellant is typically compressed air.

What makes the Airbrasive® process so versatile and so exact, however, is the precision controls which may be applied to the basic operating principle. Where precision accuracy is not required, the Airbrasive® hand-piece may be used free-hand for cleaning as an example. Where repetitive operations requiring close tolerances are needed, the Airbrasive® hand-piece can be fixtured or jigged in a number of ways.

Airbrasive® Flow Diagram