Staying Safe While Using Your Abrasive Blasting Unit

Micro abrasive blasting is an incredibly effective way to tackle a wide range of tasks, from assisting with dental work to stripping grease and other contaminants from machine parts. The variety of different nozzles and blasting media makes the equipment ideal for working on large surfaces and intricate parts alike.

With abrasive blasting units now more portable and affordable than ever, they’re easy to use anywhere, even from your own garage. But whether you use your unit at work or at home, it’s important to stay safe and wear the right protective clothing for the task.

Here are some key safety tips you should follow every time you work with abrasive blasting.

Wear the right clothing and respiratory protection

The first thing you should know about blasting is that it generates a lot of dust. The process works by firing tiny particles of an abrasive media, like glass beads, at a surface under high pressure. These particles will then rebound, and anything they have removed from the work surface (like particles of paint or rust) will be released into the air along with them. This causes a lot of dust to rise up while you’re working, which can be dangerous when breathed in, especially over a long period of time.

To keep yourself safe, always wear protection over your mouth and nose. Ideally, you should cover your whole body to protect yourself from rebounding particles and make cleanup easier. We recommend wearing an apron or overalls, and gloves. Using protective eyewear like goggles is also wise, since abrasive media may get into your eyes if you don’t.

Isolate and ventilate your work space

It’s best to isolate the area you plan to work in before you start. This will prevent the dust from spreading too far, making it easier to clean up and keeping your family or coworkers from breathing it in. For large operations, like stripping paint from a car, you may want to use tarps of dust sheets to cover surrounding surfaces. Afterwards, ventilate the space and vacuum, as certain abrasive media can cause falls when scattered on the floor.

For hand-held work, using a blasting cabinet helps collect the dust and makes the work easier. These cabinets can easily be attached to a dust collector, efficiently removing particles from the air and allowing for a quick and easy cleanup.

Protect your ears

Abrasive blasting can be noisy. After all, you’re firing material at a hard surface at high pressures! Over time, this can lead to hearing loss if you don’t wear hearing protection. Always use ear plugs or ear muffs to protect your ears from excessive noise, even when blasting for short periods.

Blast safely

As the pioneers of micro abrasive technology, we have extensive experience using this equipment and know the importance of using it safely. Always read the instructions that come with your unit, and follow the simple safety procedures outlined above to protect yourself and those around you.

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