Sample Evaluation Service Great Success

The response has been tremendous for our free sample evaluation service which launched this past January. Customers can send in samples of parts they want abraded, cleaned, deburred, etc. and our Airbrasive® experts then evaluate the part to determine the best equipment and abrasive media for the application. You will have your part expertly finished in our Airbrasive® test lab to insure the best possible outcome. We then send back your completed sample part and an analysis of how to successfully set up production within your facility. This analysis includes which machine to use, which powder will work best, what pressure and powder flow rates to use, proper type of work chamber and vacuum system, and any special suggestions for fixturing and getting the best production efficiencies. All at no charge!

Many companies from a wide variety of industries have taken advantage of this opportunity to get a free evaluation. Thanks to this service we have picked up numerous new customers who will be using our technology for various applications. Some examples:

  • Manufacturers of medical/surgical instruments and implants.
  • Electronic component manufacturers specializing in high reliability glass to metal sealed connectors.
  • Full service precision machining companies specializing in the aerospace and military industries.

Existing customers can take advantage of this service also.

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