Safety First with Micro-Abrasive Blasting

After two years of pandemic, safe behavior is on everyone’s mind. Thus, it’s great to know that safety is the goal of several micro-abrasive blasting applications. Let’s review some of the ways that micro-abrasive blasting puts safety first.

Safety First Aircraft

The production of airplanes and aerospace parts contributes heavily to the world economy. Every aircraft or space capsule depends on millions of precision parts working together flawlessly. Micro-abrasive blasting plays an important role in the necessary precision machining and bonding processes used in the manufacturing process.

From cleaning turbine blades to drilling micro holes to improve internal cooling, micro-abrasive blasting offers the precision needed to meet strict safety standards. For the executive flying from Cape Town to New York, or the astronaut flying to the International Space Station, that precision is required to make the flight safe.

In several aerospace applications, micro-abrasive blasting helps ensure that low-tolerance aircraft parts operate with peak performance. The safety of millions of passengers depends on the quality of those parts.

Safe Medical Devices

A stainless-steel knee replacement or pacemaker looks quite different from a fan blade in a jet engine. However, medical devices and aerospace parts share a need for precision machining and meticulous surface preparation. For example, tiny flaws in one component of a $3 million MRI machine can make the device inaccurate or unusable.

Medical device companies around the world depend on micro-abrasive blasting to realize the precision required for delicate instruments and implants. For example, local diagnostic sessions often involve imaging equipment from Shimadzu Corporation in Japan or a CT scanning device from the Dutch company Philips.

Safety First

Safer Surgeries

The success of most surgeries depends on powerful lighting in the operating room. That lighting provides the illumination needed for surgeons to distinguish between delicate tissues and perform difficult procedures. However, when that light reflects off shiny surfaces of surgical equipment in the field of view, the glare can cause poor visibility and life-threatening mistakes.

Fortunately, instead of polishing stainless steel to a brilliant sheen, a better surface preparation creates a non-reflective satin or matte finish. This greatly reduces glare and eliminates the possibility of an accidental laser reflection. A non-reflective surface also reduces eye fatigue.

Safe Work Environments

Some manufacturers use solvent-based compounds to clean machined parts. However, the use of these strong chemicals can result is burns to the eyes, skin and throat. The toxic gases emitted also create difficult to handle hazardous waste.

Micro-abrasive blasting is not only versatile and precise, but it also presents a safety first alternative to caustic chemicals.

In fact, micro-abrasive blasting offers several eco-friendly alternatives to clean machined parts. The blasting process is conducted in a simple enclosure and releases no toxins into the surrounding environment. The biodegradable and non-hazardous abrasive powders are easily discarded.

Safety First Micro-Abrasive Blasting

Whether you manufacture a product to save lives or apply micro abrasive blasting in classic car restoration, safety must come first. Be sure to use personal protective equipment in a well-designed work environment with the right abrasives to protect your health and the health of your employees.

Airbrasive offers a variety of well-designed blast cabinets and dust collectors, as well as eco-friendly abrasive powders, air/oil filters and a selection of blasting units. Our micro-abrasive blasting experts design practical solutions to meet every industrial or DIY requirement and keep operators safe and healthy. For 72 years, the company has set the standard for micro-abrasive blasting safety.