Micro-abrasive Blasting in a Post-COVID-19 World

After six weeks of stay-at-home sheltering and non-essential business shut-downs, Americans are ready and anxious to go back to work. When conditions allow, they will be returning to a post-COVID-19 world filled with new challenges where many things have changed.

With its uneven impact on different sectors of the economy, some industries are suffering greatly through the pandemic while others are booming. The negative effects on air travel and hospitality will likely last a long time. On the other hand, automation and direct-to-consumer industries should enjoy an extended growth period.

High Demand for 3D Printed Parts

Many industries have been affected by disrupted supply chains. To meet the demand for critical components in short supply, manufacturers have turned to 3D printed parts. Even before the pandemic, the outlook for 3D printing was extremely positive.

According to one expert, “The manufacturing stakeholders involved in decisions around 3D printing expect significant growth.” He reported that 93% of manufacturers polled expect their use of 3D printing to grow within the next five years.

In response to the pandemic, HP is working in various ways to facilitate 3D printing in support of COVID-19 containment efforts. For example, the company is helping operators of its 3D printing machines produce critical parts to help meet urgent needs. Its website supplies application information and digital designs for face shields, masks and ventilator components.

Post-COVID-19 World

Micro Abrasive Jet Machining in the 3D Printing Industry

As we previously reported, many 3D printer users run into trouble as they try to extract or ‘de-flash’ the support material to retain just the intended part. That material can be removed imprecisely by hand, with chemicals (which takes up to a week) or by micro-abrasive jet machining.

An ideal solution, micro-abrasive jet machining provides a hands-free support removal system that also works quickly. With precision nozzles that can slip into hard to reach places and abrasives that won’t damage the 3D printed component, jet machining can be a huge ally in turning out 3D printed components quickly and precisely.

In addition, the system is calibrated so that it can be used to etch 3D printed parts with added value such as unique part numbers or serial numbers, greatly improving the mass-production capabilities of 3D printing.

Solutions for a Post-COVID-19 World

An innovative leader in manufacturing, Airbrasive® invented micro-abrasive jet machining. Our process has pioneered applications in the medical, electronics, automotive and aerospace industries. Our advances and applications in the 3D printing field have just broken the surface.

Those advances can make a huge difference in helping manufacturers—especially those ramping up 3D printing operations—respond quickly and adapt to the post-COVID-19 world. As has always been the case throughout our long history, we have a micro-abrasive blasting solution to address your unique challenges.

Airbrasive® invented the micro blasting industry. Now more than ever, when you call, we move quickly to apply our 65 years of knowledge, experience and resources to solve your problems or needs as a long-term partner in success. Please contact us for more information how these exciting solutions—proudly made in the USA—can fit your 3D printing needs.