Portable Blasting Units Offer the Optimal Combination of Power, Precision and Versatility

From metal fabrication to the delicate restoration of antique jewelry, micro-abrasive blasting offers precision and control for tough projects. For manufacturers, lab technicians and hobbyists alike, blasting brings unparalleled benefits. Indeed, the use of portable blasting units provides a flexible and cost-effective solution to your blasting needs.

In manufacturing, for example, add a portable blasting unit to quickly or temporarily increase productivity. Additionally, a portable unit can act as a backup to the main blast room in case of downtime.

Portable blasting units also provide an efficient method for tackling cumbersome off-site projects. Instead of transporting large or delicate machinery to the blast room, for instance, technicians can take the blast unit to the site of the project.

For companies new to abrasive blasting, the portable units allow for a rapid return on investment. Instead of waiting to build a large blast room, they can make a smaller investment on a portable blasting unit and get to work right away.

Benefits of Portable Blasting Units

Portable blasting units perform all the functions of fixed units, from surface preparation to deburring, polishing and drilling. But they bring additional benefits, including:

  • Portability – Bring the blasting unit to your site, from the deck of a ship to a university lab or a garage. Significantly, this reduces cost by removing the need to dismantle and transport objects to the blasting shop.
  • Ease of use – Place the blaster wherever you need it, moving the unit as you work for optimal positioning.
  • Competitive edge – When you offer the ability to travel to the customer site, you can appeal to customers who lack the ability to transport their projects to a blasting shop.

Getting the Most Out of Your Blasting Unit

With proper care, your portable blasting unit will last for decades. Start by choosing quality abrasive powders, double-screened and tested for purity. Keep the powder dry and protected. Additionally, when the powder and nozzle are compatible, the blaster will deliver optimal results.

Next, follow a program of preventative maintenance. Clean and maintain the nozzles regularly, replacing them periodically. In addition, remember to check the pinch valve, looking for a buildup of powder that might indicate a service need.

Additionally, check all components regularly for wear, including hoses, piping, pipe fittings, and valves. Daily inspections should check for air leaks, holes, cracks or other damage. Also, check the compressor tank weekly for condensation build-up, particularly in high humidity locations. Moisture in the abrasive powder or the air lines will cause significant problems.

Superior Machines and Support

For over 65 years, Airbrasive has provided micro-abrasive blasting solutions to both professionals and hobbyists. Moreover, we offer a variety of portable blasting units, nozzles, work chambers and dust collectors, providing the flexibility for a range of blasting needs.

Additionally, we provide a selection of high-quality abrasive powders, designed specifically for use with micro-abrasive blasting units. And we back all of our products with a superior support team, dedicated to 100 percent customer satisfaction.