Metal Finishing & Deburring

  • Metal fabrication
  • Deburring
  • Deflashing
  • Cutting silicon
  • Drilling tantalum
  • Etching/Marking
  • Cleaning dies
  • Surface texturing & dulling

In precision machining, surface preparation for bonding is a key application for Airbrasive®.  The photo shows an acoustic sensor being cleaned prior to bonding the ceramic insert to its metal outer layer.  Any contaminants, corrosion or oxidation must be removed before the bonding process.  In micro abrasive blasting, the surface is roughened, making it easier to bond to.

Micro Abrasive Blaster For Metal Finishing & Deburring

The photos below show two examples where metal was machined to form cross drilled holes as well as slots, feather like burrs, or rough edges have developed and need to be eliminated.  This process, done by hand, is not only time consuming, but tiresome.  On the other hand, a quick blast with Airbrasive® takes the rough edges and burrs it right out.

Micro Abrasive Blaster For Metal Finishing & Deburring
Micro Abrasive Blaster For Metal Finishing & Deburring

Burrs also develop when parts need to be threaded, as show in this illustration.  One quick blast by Airbrasive® will remove the burrs without degrading the surface.  Metal surfaces must be prepared prior to bonding or plating.  The inside of this piece must be cleaned of any contaminants that would prevent adhesion.