Medical Device Manufacturing & Cleaning

  • Thin wall tub drilling
  • Precision deburring
  • Surface texturing for advanced adhesion
  • Conformal coating removal
  • Texturing & deburring stents implantable devices
  • Coating removal & texturing on catheters and guide wires
  • Surface prep for bonding strain gauges
  • Cleaning and preparation of surgical tools
  • Deburring of syringes, vascual stents and cannulae
  • Removal of oxidation that forms during production of stents
  • Removal of coatings on catheters
  • Removal of slag from implantable parts
  • Preparation/texturing of surfaces to improve bonding
  • Cleaning and texturing of mold cavities
  • Deburring threads on cannulated bone screws
  • Deburring the inside of rectangular cavities in bone screws (using a microscope)
  • Removal of conformal coatings on circuit boards and selective removal on insulation on conductors used in medical electronics

The medical device manufacturing industry has many uses for Airbrasive®.  The key advantage with Airbrasive® is the ability to selectively remove material without affecting the shape or form of the device.

Deburring is the finishing process commonly used to remove burrs and/or sharp, unwanted edges that are created during the machining of a variety of materials including metals, plastics and ceramics.  Being able to remove such edges without causing damage or deformation to other areas of the target object is critical to both quality and structural integrity.

The requirements of medical manufacturing have become increasingly stringent.  Consequently, small hole machining has become more important.   More and more operators are now taking advantage of the benefits offered by micro-abrasive drilling – drilling smaller, deeper and more precise holes in even the most challenging of materials.

Surface Texturing:
Surface texturing plays a critical role in a variety of machining processes whether it is to enhance bonding between two materials or simply to remove aesthetics.  Airbrasive® provides an extensive range of micro-blasting solutions to meet the demands in the medical industry.