Fossil, Art & Jewelry

  • Removing matrix from fossils
  • Removing glue and paint from fibers/canvases
  • Removing patina/bronze disease from art
  • Sculpting jade and semi-precious stones
  • Removing dirt from leather
  • Cleaning embroidery & various textiles
  • Cleaning & restoring basketry & beadwork
  • Applying liquid ink to surfaces
  • Delicate stain removal
  • Surface texturing for enhanced adhesion
  • Selective matte finishing on jewelry

Fossil Preparation:
World renowned paleontologist, Alan Langerheinich, will only use Airbrasive® equipment. He has found that our machines outperform the other micro abrasive blasters that are on the market.  Here we show a Trilobite specimen that is over 400 million years old and is currently on display in the Denver Museum.  As you can see, removal of Matrix is a 3-step process.

Micro Abrasive Blaster For Fossil Preparation
Micro Abrasive Blaster For Fossil Preparation
Micro Abrasive Blaster For Fossil Preparation
Micro Abrasive Blaster For Fossil Preparation

One area of interest in the prep of the Trilobite specimen is the intricacy of work involved in removing the matrix around the free-standing spines and the compound eyes.  This requires very precise powder flow control which is achieved using a vibratory powder feed system, such as that on the Model K.

Art / Artwork Restoration:
Micro Abrasive Blasting Technology is suitable for art / artwork restoration operations, particularly in situations where other restoration methods have failed.  With a variety of powders and nozzles, Airbrasive® offers customized solutions to ensure that material build-up and corrosion are effectively removed, thus restoring a painting to its original state without damaging the canvas itself.

Stain Removal:
Micro Abrasive Blasting has proven to be an effective method for removing difficult and/or hard-to-reach stains on objects with delicate surfaces.

Jewelry Cleaning and Preparation:
Micro Abrasive Blasting can be used to clean castings and create decorative finishes on a wide range of metals, including platinum, gold, silver, copper and brass.  It offers a very high degree of precision with regards to etching, allowing jewelers to quickly and easily implement detailed designs on virtually any wearable, regardless of size or hardness.

Engraving / Etching:
Micro Abrasive Blasting can be used for etching and engraving on virtually any surface.  Combined with an array of nozzles and powders to choose from, our blasting units offer a high degree of precision and flexibility that makes them a perfect solution for jewelers.