Aerospace & Automotive

  • Deburring and blending of bores and threads
  • Marking of helicopter blades
  • Aluminum and plastics deburr on valve and manifold parts
  • Cleaning turbine blades
  • Removing burrs on machined parts
  • Cleaning and texturing mold cavities for plastic parts
  • Detailing, cleaning and repairing precision parts on cars and motorcycles for custom work

Airline companies routinely repair and service parts such as turbine blades, helicopter rotors and other sensitive areas.  These parts require very precise machining since they are very small in tolerance.  All paint, grease and oil accumulation needs to be removed prior to inspecting, fixing and testing these parts.

Micro Hole Drilling:
The requirements of aerospace and automotive component manufacturing have become increasingly stringent.  Consequently, small hole drilling has become more important.  More and more operators are now taking advantage of the benefits offered by micro-abrasive drilling, or micro hole drilling – drilling smaller, deeper and more precise holes in even the most challenging of materials.

Surface Texturing | Surface Preparation:
Surface texturing, or surface preparation, plays a critical role in a variety of machining processes, whether it is to enhance bonding between two materials or simply to improve aesthetics.

Micro-abrasive blasting has become an increasing popular tool in deburring.  The Airbrasive® process has successfully been used to remove burrs and/or sharp, unwanted edges that are created during the machining of a variety of materials.