Metal Finishing and Deburring

Airbrasive® provides efficient and effective abrasive solutions for metal finishing and cleaning applications. Deburring, blending surface finishes, producing better surfaces for bonding are some of the functions Airbrasive® units offer. The biggest advantage of using air abrasive blasting technology is that the surface finish can be achieved while maintaining the tolerances and precision of the machined parts.

Metal Finishing and DeburringLet’s see why metal finishing industry is using Air Abrasive blasting extensively for metal finishing and deburring applications. Compared to manual or hand cleaning, abrasive blasting can save from 25% to 75% of the time. So abrasive blasting is considered economical, and the abrasive materials used are relatively inexpensive and reusable. The single operation of abrasive blasting can produce the combined effect of sanding, wire brushing and pickling processes. Abrasive blasting gives a better and cleaner finish.

The photos below show two examples where during machining cross drilled holes and slots on a metallic surface, feather like burrs or rough edges appeared. To eliminate these burrs by hand, is not only time consuming, but tiresome. On the other hand, a quick blast with the micro abrasive machine takes out the rough edges and the burrs. Burrs also develop when parts need to be threaded, as shown in this illustration. One quick blast by our micro abrasive machine will remove the burrs without degrading the surface.

Metal Finishing and DeburringAnother application of air abrasive blasting is to remove contaminants, corrosion, or oxidation and prepare the surface before a bonding or plating process. It is estimated that the abrasive impact action increases the metal surface area as much as ten times. Paint, coating or plating can adhere better to this increased surface area.

The finishing effect may vary by controlling several factors as hardness of the abrasive, abrasive particle size, velocity of abrasive stream, angle of abrasive gun, distance from the work, method of application and work flow. Wide variety of nozzles and guns available from Airbrasive® help to work on various surfaces and achieve different surface finish.