Medical Device Manufacturing

One of the most effective applications of Micro abrasive blasting technology by Airbrasive ® is in the area of medical devices and industry. As this methodology can be selectively used to remove material without affecting the shape or form of the device, this application is very useful, cost-effective, and lucrative. Micro abrasive blasting in a nutshell is a dry abrasive blasting process that uses very small nozzles to deliver a gas-propelled stream of finely-graded abrasive particles accurately and selectively to small parts of an object. The particles are closely controlled by a vibrator and are driven against the work piece.
Airbrasive ® Micro Abrasive Blasting units are extensively used in medical equipment industry to debur, clean and texture surfaces, remove coatings and slag, and create precise cuts or intricate patterns on various surfaces.
Let us look into some of the specific applications of Airbrasive ® units in the medical industry:

  • Deburring: Deburring of syringes, vascular stents, and cannulae are vital applications of Airbrasive ® Micro Abrasive Blasting units. Threads on cannulated bone screws can also be deburred as per requirement. Deburring the inside of rectangular cavities in bone screws is another such application.
  • Applications on implants and medical parts: Micro abrasive blasting is used to deburr implants and remove slag from them. They can be used to remove discoloration and oxide layers from stents and implant surfaces, pulse marks and striations which may have resulted from machining. Dental labs effectively use micro abrasive blasting to change surface texture of dental implants and make them more precise and suitable for adhesion and positioning. Dentists often use this technology to clean and texture mold cavities. Micro abrasive blasting is also used to remove coatings on catheters and prepare implant surfaces for better boding.
  • Application in medical electronics: Airbrasive ® Micro abrasive units can be used to remove conformal coatings on circuit boards and selectively remove insulation on conductors used in medical electronics.

Airbrasive ® units are widely used in medical equipment industry as they are easy to use and have some great benefits. The handpiece and nozzle have been designed to give the user better flexibility and control and make it easy to reach places that other tools are not flexible enough to reach. The advanced technology makes it possible to remove material from the work by the impinging particles, virtually without shock. As Airbrasive ® process is very versatile and exact through the precision controls, the units find widespread applications in medical device manufacturing.