Improve Worker Safety and Efficiency with a Quality Dust Collector

Micro-abrasive blasting technology brings a high level of precision and power to industries from aerospace to medical, electronics and automotive. Whether you are cleaning turbine blades on an airplane or improving the quality of surgical implements, abrasive blasting provides the versatility needed for the job.

The abrasive blasting process projects micron-sized particles of abrasive material out of a small nozzle at high velocity. The impact proves extremely effective in applications such as cutting, deburring, removing oxidation and texturizing surfaces to improve adhesion. In the process, a large amount of dust and debris is released into the air, making a dust collector indispensable.

While heavier particles fall to the floor, tiny bits of blast media and contaminants from the surface become airborne. Without a dust collector, blast waste can represent a safety hazard for operators and significantly decrease visibility.

Operator Safety

The air contaminants released in the blasting process can be toxic when inhaled. Crushed or beaded glass, for example, can cause lung damage. Even when using gentler abrasive powders, such as sodium bicarbonate, the process introduces surface debris into the air, including paint, rust and other contaminants. Some debris can also be combustible or even explosive.

Dust collectors pull blasting waste from the workspace. The heavier particles drop to the bottom of the canister, while the finer particles are removed by a filter. Clean air passes back into the blasting cabinet. This preserves a clean work environment, protects operator health and helps ensure that your organization meets OSHA and NFPA regulations.

Improved Visibility

Worker safety is just one of the essential benefits of dust collectors. The dust cloud formed during blasting can make it very difficult for operators to see the work at hand. In micro-abrasive blasting projects, precision is of utmost importance. Airborne particles obscure both the tools and the surface to be cut or cleaned.

For example, the operator cutting thin ceramics or etching delicate electronics needs a clear view of the target area in order to make the precise cuts necessary. Dust collectors make that intricate work possible.

Choosing the Right Dust Collector for the Job

The dust collector is a critical piece of the micro-abrasive blasting system. When choosing a dust collector for your operation, consider the size of your blasting unit, the types of applications and the amount of use per day.

Dust collectors can be easily attached to Airbrasive work chambers and used with all Micro Abrasive blasting units. Dust collectors are available with enough capacity and strength to support the simultaneous use of multiple work chambers.

The experts at Airbrasive can help you choose the right tool for your needs. Our dust collectors feature a 99.9 percent collection efficiency, easy change filter bags and chamber silencers. While our standard dust collectors include a highly-efficient, self-contained fabric filter, we also offer cartridge dust collectors for more stringent clean-room environments.