How Airbrasive’s Micro-Abrasive Blasting Machines Keep the Aerospace Industry Flying High

When it comes to aerospace applications, precision is crucial. To ensure that low-tolerance parts perform at their best, you need the right tools during repair and maintenance. That’s where micro-abrasive blasting technology comes in.

Micro-abrasive blasting is a technique that propels compressed air and abrasive particles at a surface at a high velocity, using a small nozzle. It is used in a number of industries to clean, texture, cut, and deburr materials, allowing for a high level of precision. This makes it ideal for aerospace and airline applications. Since a problem with even the smallest part can have dangerous consequences, performance is critical.

With Airbrasive, performance, precision, and safety are always paramount. On the ground or at 40,000 feet, Airbrasive keeps your parts at peak condition.


Precision Machining and Drilling

Despite the impressive size of helicopter rotors or turbine blades, the parts that compose them are very delicate and low in tolerance. Intensive cleaning is vital during maintenance and before inspection and repairs can take place, but the sensitivity of the parts and the tight spaces between them makes it necessary for a non-traditional approach to be taken.

That’s where Airbrasive’s technology can help. Ideal for removing contaminants like grease, carbon deposits, oil, paint, and epoxy, our machines allow safety measures to be met and parts to remain functional and efficient for as long as possible.

Our machines can also be used for micro hole drilling that meets the industry’s stringent standards. Micro-abrasive drilling (also known as micro hole drilling) can help improve drag reduction and internal cooling airflow. Our machines make it possible for small, deep holes to be drilled in hard materials, allowing for greater speed and precision than other hole drilling options.


Improving Aesthetics and Bonding

Abrasive blasting also plays a large role in the texturing and preparation of various surfaces in aerospace applications. By adjusting factors including the type of abrasive and the size of the particles, the angle of the nozzle, and the velocity of the abrasive jet stream, different finishes can be achieved. It is a significantly faster process than hand-finishing. Different textures allow for greater bonding between materials, increasing the surface area for material to adhere to.

Air blasting is often done for purely aesthetic purposes as well, creating desirable finishes for a variety of surfaces. It is also used for deburring—a process that smooths out and neatens rough edges and removes unwanted burrs that often form during the machining process. This improves both the look and safety of the material.

Airbrasive have been working with the aerospace industry for decades. For over 65 years, we have delivered micro-abrasive blasting technology that’s built to last and keeps our customer’s flying high. Get in touch today to request a quote or find out more.