Abrasive Blasting in Global Industry Makes Life More Efficient

Analysts project that 2 billion cars worldwide will be on the road by 2035, up from 1.2 billion today. In the skies, more than 8 million people fly somewhere every day. In medical facilities, 234 million major surgeries are performed yearly. With an important role in global industry, micro-abrasive blasting helps make life more efficient.

For 72 years, Airbrasive has moved the field of abrasive blasting forward. With solutions for a wide variety of applications in industries such as motor vehicles, aerospace, and medical device manufacturing, Airbrasive extends its reach around the world.

Giving Automotive Manufacturing a Lift

Automotive manufacturing is a worldwide activity. Factories in most developed countries, from Italy to Japan to Mexico, produce over 70 million vehicles yearly. Those cars include parts from thousands of suppliers, many in other countries.

For instance, the Land Rover on your wish list may include a radiator from Ireland, brake components from Germany and custom suspension parts from the United States. In each of those factories, micro-abrasive blasting provides the capability for cleaning parts and deburring threads and bores on various components for increased performance.

Keeping the World Flying

Although aircraft manufacturing took a hit in 2020, the commercial aircraft industry is expected to produce 38,000 aircraft over the next twenty years. Increasing global demand for military aircraft will continue to fuel the growth of the aerospace and defense sectors.

While the United States continues to dominate aerospace manufacturing, production of aircraft and aircraft components is increasingly distributed worldwide. Each aircraft and rocket includes potentially millions of parts. Those parts require precision machining and bonding. Micro-abrasive blasting plays a key role in that process.

From micro hole drilling that improves internal cooling airflow to cleaning turbine blades, micro-abrasive blasting delivers the precision necessary to meet stringent safety standards. For the executive flying from Singapore to Sweden or the astronaut on the International Space Station, that precision is critical.

Global Industry

Precision for Essential Medical Devices

An imaging machine or a stainless-steel joint replacement looks quite different from the engine of a Land Rover. However, medical devices and sport utility vehicles share a need for precision machining and thorough surface preparation. For instance, tiny imperfections in a critical component of a $1 million fMRI machine can render the device useless.

Your healthcare provider may use imaging equipment from Siemens in Germany or an ECG device from Philips Healthcare in Holland. Medical device manufacturers around the world have discovered the benefits of micro-abrasive blasting to achieve the precision and surface characteristics needed for delicate instruments and implants.

Global Industry Micro-Abrasive Blasting Solutions

Whether you are flying Air Lingus to Dublin, exploring Baja California in your Land Rover, or undergoing knee replacement surgery, you are likely experiencing the benefits of micro-abrasive blasting. From meticulously cleaning mold cavities to preparing prototypes and surgical tools, abrasive blasting contributes to the success of the process.

Companies around the world depend on Airbrasive for customized solutions to a wide variety of manufacturing needs. For example, portable blasting units, a wide selection of abrasive powders and blasting nozzles, combined with decades of experience solve difficult manufacturing problems. Within 24 hours of your call, we will have a plan underway.