Global Industries Depend on Powerful Micro-Abrasive Blasting Solutions

At any given moment, an average of almost 10,000 planes fly in the sky worldwide. Down on the ground, nearly 1.5 billion vehicles transport billions of people and goods. Furthermore, one out of every 25 of those people will have major surgery during the year. From enabling critical transportation to life-saving medical procedures, micro-abrasive blasting helps global industries make life more efficient.

For 70 years, Airbrasive has pioneered developments in the field of abrasive blasting. With solutions for a wide variety of applications in industries such as aerospace, automotive and medical device manufacturing, Airbrasive extends its reach across the world.

Keeping the Skies Safe

According to a recent report by Deloitte, the commercial aircraft backlog peaked at over 14,000 at the beginning of 2019. Hence, over the next twenty years, the commercial aircraft industry is expected to produce 38,000 aircraft. Increasing global demand for military aircraft will further fuel the growth of the aerospace and defense sector.

While the United States continues to dominate aerospace manufacturing, production of aircraft and aircraft components is growing worldwide. Each airplane and spacecraft involves potentially millions of parts. Those parts require precision machining and bonding. Thus, micro-abrasive blasting plays a key role in that process.

From cleaning turbine blades to micro hole drilling to improve internal cooling airflow, micro-abrasive blasting offers the precision necessary to meet stringent safety standards. For the astronaut flying to the International Space Station or the executive flying from Hong Kong to Germany, that precision is critical.

Driving the Automotive Industry

Like the aerospace industry, the automotive manufacturing industry boasts a wide reach. Factories across the world, from Germany to Korea to the United States, produced over 70 million cars in 2018. Those cars included parts from thousands of OEMs.

For instance, the Porsche on your wish list may include a body from a factory in Slovakia, brake components from Germany and racing parts from the United States. In each of those factories, micro-abrasive blasting provides the capability for deburring bores and threads on essential components or removing contaminates for optimum performance.

Global Industries

Essential Precision for Delicate Medical Devices

An imaging machine or a stainless steel hip replacement may look very different from the engine of a Porsche. However, medical devices and sports cars share a need for precise machining and careful surface preparation. For instance, tiny imperfections to an individual component of a $1 million MRI machine can render the device unusable.

Medical device manufacturers across the globe have discovered the benefits of micro-abrasive blasting to achieve the needed precision for delicate instruments and implants. Your local hospital may use diagnostic imaging equipment from Siemens in Germany or an ECG device from Philips Healthcare in Holland.

Global Industries Micro-Abrasive Blasting Solutions

Whether you are flying Air France to Paris, driving your car on the Autobahn or undergoing open heart surgery, you are likely experiencing the benefits of micro-abrasive blasting. From preparing prototypes to meticulously cleaning surgical tools, abrasive blasting forms an essential part of the process for global industries.

Airbrasive works with companies around the world to provide customized solutions to a wide variety of manufacturing needs. Within 24 hours of your call, we will have a plan underway to solve your problem. From blasting units to a wide selection of nozzles and abrasive powders, we have the tools you need.