Take DIY Projects to New Levels with Micro-abrasive Blasting

Springtime and widespread “stay at home” orders bring the perfect opportunity to tackle DIY projects around the house. And with micro-abrasive blasting, you can work faster and with more precision. From garden furniture to jewelry, abrasive blasting expands the options.

Think of the Possibilities for DIY Projects

If quarantine has you confined to quarters, you may as well spruce up your living space. And your family will love you for clearing some projects out of the garage. Take a look at some of the projects that you can turbo-charge with blasting.

  • Reclaim old lawn furniture – Years of rain and sunshine can turn once-charming patio furniture into an eyesore. Using abrasive blasting, quickly remove rust and old paint, prepping tired pieces for a facelift. Instead of spending hours with sandpaper, complete furniture refinishing projects in a fraction of the time with blasting.
  • Clean engine components – Anyone who has restored a car or motorcycle knows the toll a few years can take on an engine. Soda blasting provides a powerful way to clean delicate engine parts, removing grease and dirt without damaging the surface.
  • Spring cleaning for tools – By the same token, discover the benefits of using abrasive blasting to remove rust and grime from tools in your garden shed or shop.
  • Re-purpose recycled glass – The etching properties of micro-abrasive blasting make it an ideal tool for upcycling old glass. Turn an old wine bottle into a personalized tumbler or decorate a tired mirror.
  • Discover the art of crafting – In addition to etching glass, micro-abrasive blasting offers the precision necessary for cleaning and crafting jewelry. More professional than hand-engraving, blasting works well with gems, metals, glass and ceramics.
DIY Projects

Choosing the Right Supplies and Equipment for DIY Projects

The success of your DIY projects will depend in part on choosing the right equipment and blasting media for the job. Keep up with the preventative maintenance of your blasting unit for optimum performance.

Then, with your blasting unit in good working order, determine the nozzle and powder that will deliver the desired results. A round tipped nozzle, for example, works well for precision work, while a rectangular tip covers a wide surface area. Likewise, some powders provide exceptional cleaning, while others work well for cutting or rust removal.

Keeping Safe

While abrasive blasting can add a professional touch to your DIY projects, keep in mind several safety considerations as you work. Start by preparing the work area, including providing for dust removal. A dust collector, for instance, removes powder particles and debris from work chambers.

Next, be sure to use personal protective equipment, including hearing protection, blast suit, gloves and boots. And if you choose not to use a blast cabinet, use a respirator to protect your lungs from harmful dust.

Meeting the Challenge

The experts at Airbrasive have provided micro-abrasive blasting solutions for professional and home use for over six decades. Whether you need advice on the best blasting media for the job or have a particularly difficult challenge stopping you in your tracks, call us today. We can help.