3 Ways That Micro-Abrasive Blasting Supports the Medical Industry

When you visit the doctor’s office for your annual flu shot or have your appendix removed at the hospital, micro-abrasive blasting might be the furthest thing from your mind. But this versatile process is a favorite among medical device manufacturers thanks to the precision and control it offers—delivering exceptional results, even on low-tolerance surfaces.

Here are just a few of the ways that micro-abrasive blasting supports the healthcare industry—and helps keeps patients safe.

  1. Extending the lifespan of implants

From the prostheses used in joint replacement surgeries to the pacemakers that keep hearts ticking along, micro-abrasive blasting is used to texture and deburr countless implanted medical devices.

The manufacturing process of these devices can result in small blemishes and defects, such as sharp edges. These imperfections can impact the implant’s performance and lifespan, affecting patient well-being. Luckily, micro-abrasive blasting allows any imperfections and residues to be removed long before the patient’s surgery—helping the device last longer and perform at its best.

  1. Making injections less scary

Getting a shot can be stressful enough. But during the manufacturing and grinding process, syringes can become dangerously sharp, especially if the needle’s point has burrs. This could do unnecessary damage and increase healing time at the injection site, which no patient wants.

Enter micro-abrasive blasting. The extreme precision offered by this method allows needle manufacturers to deburr and radius the needle tip for a smooth and successful injection that keeps the tears away.

  1. Keeping surgical tools suitably sharp

While needles shouldn’t be excessively sharp, for many surgical tools, sharpness is critical to performance. Take the scalpel—without the thin, sharp blade, this instrument would not be capable of making such precise incisions. That sharpness is achieved through grinding, and that grinding can result in burrs forming on the blade.

For such a precise tool, a precise deburring method is crucial. By using a soft media, micro-abrasive blasting can improve the quality of surgical tools and instruments without damaging the blade—removing burrs, honing the cutting surface, and improving overall performance.

Micro-abrasive blasting: the medical industry’s best friend

Easy to operate and environmentally friendly, micro-abrasive blasting offers countless benefits to the medical industry. From stripping coatings on catheters to removing oxidation from stents, this versatile and accurate process offers a cost-effective solution that can ultimately improve patient well-being.

As the inventors of micro-abrasive blasting technology, we’re passionate about the results it can deliver. Discover them for yourself. Tell us your challenge, and let Airbrasive find a solution that works for you.